Month: November 2016


On 30th November Women’s Rights Center organized a training for representatives of Center for Security Podgorica on urgent action of police in cases of family violence and violence against women.

The lecture was held by Branka Žigante Živković, the judge of High Misdemeanor Court of Croatia. Training was attended by 10 representatives of Center for Security.


On 28th and 29th of November 2016, NGO Women’s Rights Center in association with Ministry for human and minority rights organized a Training about family violence and violence against women in Podgorica.

The goal of the program is to support the process of establishing sustainable and efficient system of protection and support to victims of family violence and violence against women by supporting judicial institutions in implementation of international standards and national legislation in this area. The focus of the program was on the Council of Europe’s Convention on preventing family violence and violence against women (Istanbul convention), a comprehensive and legally binding international document in the area of family violence and violence against women.

During the two-day seminar, the participants were introduced with the forms, dynamics and consequences of family violence, and were able to complete their knowledge on state’s obligations in accordance with ratified international documents and national legislation, as well as to present the acquired knowledge through practice in smaller groups – with case analysis, after which they discussed the best practices of institutions in cases of violence. This educational program was established on the basis of the concept and methodology of NGO Women’s Rights Center, based on the long-term experience in working with victims as well as on the results of the research on perception within judiciary about gender-based violence and family violence, which was jointly conducted by NGO Women’s Rights Center and UNDP in 2015, and supported by Ministry for human and minority rights. The program was further developed in the process of intensive consultations with representatives of judiciary and other relevant institutions and individuals with expert knowledge on family violence and violence against women.


WRC participated in 5 Conference Cases of family violence in 2016. They discussed about the cases of family violence where WRC noticed irregularities in police actions.

Police officers were called upon to address to victims’ statements with full confidence, to do risk assessments, to react urgently and to have more proactive approach when contacting competent authorities and institutions. We recommended to strengthen the communication with Center for social work and especially to focus the attention of police officers towards persons with history in violence. Conclusions and recommendations the Council adopted on the basis of numerous complaints and initiatives of the NGO Women’s Rights Center.