Month: December 2018


Women’s Rights Center won the Award for affirmation of human rights and civic activism for 2018, awarded by Center for civic education within the scope of the festival “FastForward”.

“Montenegrin society lives and balances on duality, whose insufficiently emphasized part is duality towards women. Women are celebrated and praised, but also limited and oppressed in individual and professional strivings. We still have a strong misogyny present, which is visible through family violence and through public attacks on those women who, in their fields of acting, work and speak autonomously. All of this, of course, stands for those women who were wanted enough to be born. What about those who were unwanted? For years Women’s Rights Center has been systematically and responsibly providing support to women victims of violence. And through the #Unwanted campaign, who couldn’t leave anyone indifferent, they’ve have put that well hidden topic in front of everyone so it could not be ignored anymore.” stated the executive director of Center for civic education, Daliborka Uljarević, on the occasion of giving the award.


Panel discussion was held within the conference “Protection of human rights and freedoms in Montenegro”, marking the International day of human rights. Conference was organized by the Council of Europe, Civic alliance, EU Delegation to Montenegro and Montenegrin association of lawyers.

President of the Supreme Court of Montenegro talked about GREVIO recommendations and the need for their efficient implementation in Montenegro, and the joint message of the panelist was the necessity of more intensive efforts in the area of prevention and protection from violence against women.

Participants were: Ms. Vesna Medenica, president of the Supreme Court of Montenegro, Ms. Valentina Pavličić, representative of Montenegro before European court for human rights, Mr. Suad Numanović, member of the Board for human rights and freedoms in the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr. Paul Planas, OHCHR, Mr. Bojan Božović, member of the Board of Montenegrin association of lawyers.

Moderator of the panel was Maja Raičević, executive director of Women’s Rights Center.


On the occasion of marking the 10th December – International day of human rights, representative of Women’s Rights Center, Marko Jusić participated in the Living Library organized by the Volunteer Club and Student parliament of the Gymnasium “Slobodan Škerović”. The goal was to provide students with the opportunity to talk to representatives of marginalized groups and those who work directly with them, to hear the experiences of the “books”, ask questions and learn. Besides WRC representative, participants were: Duška Šljivančanin, representative of Ombudsman office, Serđan Baftijari, representative of Roma youth organization “Walk with us – Phiren amenca”, and Stevan Milivojević, representative of LGBT Forum Progress.